Create your own Netflix on Vimeo

Since the Video on Demand service was introduced in 2003, video makers have used the platform to sell or lease their creations. Vimeo has now introduced a monthly subscription option where video makers will manage their content in the Netflix-style.

Using the tools provided by the video service, video content creators can use the service to introduce subscriptions to users all over the world. The service can apply geographic limitations to restrict their viewership to certain regions. Viewers can subscribe to creators’ content through Vimeo’s online store, after which they can receive the content on demand.

Alternatively content can be accessed through Vimeo’s publisher network or any website through a player that can be embedded to access the content.

Content providers will also be able to offer free episodes and content that will be exclusive to registered subscribers only. Vimeo has high expectations that the on-demand video subscription service will give the company more preference over other established services such as YouTube.

Additionally the company hopes that it will attract more video content creators on its platform because of its attractive payment offer. Vimeo only charges a 10% service fee to content creators. Thus, content owners get to keep the rest. The strategy seems rather interesting as a strategy to pull in more creators. Hulu’s former CEO had also introduced such a project.

There are rumors that YouTube will also incorporate such a strategy onto its service through subscription video on demand. Vimeo has been experiencing a slow growth curve, but the service has potential to compete on a multilevel scale. It is especially attractive to promising young creators looking to make a name for themselves.

Vimeo provides an opportunity to showcase and grow talent. Content. In the past two years, creative content from individual users has created more demand for such content. A good example is Vines, which have become a worldwide sensation as evident by the high number of views they receive on platforms such as YouTube.

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