Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc (NASDAQ:CYCC) Announces Data Presentation of Findings From Phase 3 Seamless Research

Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc (NASDAQ:CYCC) announced recently the findings from its Phase 3 SEAMLESS study. The company had announced earlier in February the top-notch results obtained from the Phase 3 SEAMLES study. The study had registered elderly patients who had been disgnosed with Acute Myeloid Leaukemia (AML) and monitored closely the alternating cycles of three key drugs namely; the decitabine, sapacitabine, and decitabine. The data were presented recently during the 59th American Society of Hematology general meeting, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Though the survey didn’t obtain its primary and major strategic findings including the superiority in survival, higher full remission rate on both sapacitabine and decitabine arm especially in groups of customers that in the similar subgroup such as those with white blood cell count. To extend the effectiveness of the clinical trials, additional analysis of the data should be undertaken.

According to Spiro Rombotis, the president and CEO at Cyclacel, stated that the report gives the detailed findings of the SEAMLESS study and the firm believe that the subgroup results have clearly defined the particular customer subgroup for whom the combined new treatment decitabine-sapacitabine regimen which represent an enhanced drug instead of relying the current treatment of decitabine  alone.

Furthermore, the company intends to discuss the findings, the subgroup robustness of the results, and the maximum baseline peripheral white blood cell with key regulatory bodies including the European and the US authorities. The company also indicated that they are in the process to reveal other clinical programs in its transcriptional regulator in CYC065, damage response with the sapacitabine-selicisclib in a sample study of participants who suffer from solid tumors including the BRCA mutations or the resistance to the current therapies.

Cyclacel develops innovative, specific medicines for treatment of cancer and other proliferative disorders. The company is currently reviewing the significance of using CYC065, the CDK inhibitor in patients who in their advanced cancer stages.



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