Debate on Foreign Policy

It took nearly half an hour for the big battle on foreign policy to turn to the U.S.’s economy at house, the debate on which the US presidential election will be decided. By the end of the verbal communication, yet the brawl, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama were like punch-drunk boxers. The Republican Party challenger, Mitt Romney was purposely trying to avoid his history of uncertainty on the automotive industry by saving all he wants to get the auto industry back on the track and that anything else was just silly. Barack Obama said that Romney is just trying to airbrush the history.

Mitt Romney claimed that the US was weaker overseas under Obama’s administration as its economy is weak, while Barack Obama argued that Romney is just an out-sourcer to China. The final debate was focused on foreign policy, but it seemed auto industry as the key point. Now on back to foreign policy, the most powerful punch of the debate came into picture when Barack Obama replied a Romney administration that the United States Navy had minimized to smaller numbers in decades by illustrating that military has fewer bayonets and horses than in the history, but that including the numbers of old guns or ships has nothing to do with the modern weapons.

Romney has been repeating his statements regarding declaring China as the ‘currency manipulator’ since the very first day, Barack Obama pointed to the issue that the assets of China’s yuan have already increased 10 percent against American dollar since mid 2010. Obama’s actions have started working; the actions or pressures that included 9 different US trade improvement methods against China since, the day Obama took his seat. Recently, a complaint rose, claiming that China was not providing proper subsidies to exporters of automotive and its parts.

Mitt Romney looked most active when talking about stubborn high unemployment rate and high debt levels during Obama’s administration. He said president failed to take actions against unemployment issue and due to that America’s current growth is just 2 percent higher than that of New Zealand,Japan,Europe, and other countries.

Apart from the all the above, the last big question is if Americans are really satisfied with slow progress, 8percent jobless rate, and high debt load, though it is better than other developed countries? Or are they just giving the power to Romney to see the better days that Obama somehow failed to achieve?

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