Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) To Ban Paparazzi From The Airport

Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) is giving celebrities a reason to smile and make the airline their first choice by banning the paparazzi from the airport.

The airline extended a luxury service in Los Angeles which is mostly meant to appeal to famous individuals. In line with the new service, the company has decided to give paparazzi the boot so that the service will be more comfortable for the rich and famous hot shots.

According to a representative of Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL), the service along with the paparazzi-proof measures will be available in La Guardia and JFK Airports towards the beginning of next year. The luxury service is available for as little as $350 per person in Los Angeles International Airport. It is only available for the first class option. Obviously celebrities would not want to travel any other way.

The service will allow celebrities and superstars to be picked up by luxury vehicles at the terminals where they will then be taken to their vehicles. Paparazzi will thus not get a chance to showcase their nuisance. Delta spokesman Anthony Black claims that the airline company is planning to spread out the service to other airports and other markets including New York.

Mr. Black also announced that the special service would require the consent of the Port Authority, the Transportation Security Administration, and the New York representatives. The spokesman refused to reveal the number of customers that subscribed to the VIP service during its premiere. He cited that the information is competitive and private thus the decision to keep it from the public.

The service features the dispatch of a posh-looking hybrid Porsche to pick up the VIPs. It then takes them to an undisclosed underground location in Century Boulevard. While checking in, the VIP customers can go to a private entrance in the airport lounge. After that, they can go through a secret passage where they can check in. After clearance, they can then relax in the luxurious lounge that is fully stocked with their requirements.

Scott Sally

Scott Sally

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