Does Kohl’s Corporation (NYSE:KSS) Achieves Success With Its Coming Back Plan

Kohl’s Corporation (NYSE:KSS), which has been struggling for consecutive four years to win back customers, is taking steps to revive the sales and clinch back its position in the retail sales. It is banking on e-commerce, introduction of national brands and loyalty program.

Though, all these are already adopted by its competitors, the company is slowly recovering the sales. It has posted an increase of 1.4% in Q12015. The company has posted good results in the last two-quarters of 2014 post adopting the new measures.

One of the recent initiatives includes a display at the entrance of Kohl’s store located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It communicates a message to the customers that online orders can be picked up from the store.

The second initiative is the loyalty program. The Yes2You program is for the customers, who neither qualify for store card nor owns a card. According to the Chief Customer Officer, Michelle Gass at Kohl’s, more than 30 million shoppers have enrolled for the loyalty program since its introduction in last October. It started attracting new customers. The membership is likely to increase to 35 million in the forthcoming holiday season.

The company has also launched a mobile app in the last fall. Its efforts are paying rich dividends for the company. More and more customers have started using the new mobile app. The user base has increased considerably almost 8 times after the launch of the mobile in a span of few months.

Kohl’s Corporation (NYSE:KSS) also started embracing personalized marketing. According to an apparel analyst, Tiffany Hogan, at a research firm – Kanta Retail, the company will use 5 billion bits in personalized communication. It is really a big move for the firm.

The company has also renovated its merchandise last year to give a fresh and inspired feeling to the customers. It has added beauty sections in around 900 stores to entice the core customers’ moms.

It has also started selling national brands in places of the in-house brands. It saw an increase of 20% in sales in the holiday quarter.

All these efforts will definitely offer good dividends in the foreseeable future for the company.

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