EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO) is one of the massively traded OTC stock of this year. Trading at $1.44 with an average share volume of 535,883, the stocks is making small and steady up move on the chart. The company sells wearable bionic exoskeletons that enhance mobility, endurance and strength. It is a uniquely designed product that can be used for numerous purposes like enhancing the military tactics or helping the disabled people.

The focus

EKSO Bionics received immense attraction after it announced a latest software upgrade in this year with its CEO featuring on popular FOX Business Network in August. It should be noted that the company is functional in growing industry of digital technology and its product can be used in various industries like consumer and healthcare.

The performance     

Ekso recorded an impressive stock movement on the chart in the second half of August 2015 after it briefly plunged below $1 on August 17, reaching the lowest level since the start of 2015. The stock of EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO) not only recouped its losses but also made its way back up on the chart, once again moving above $1. The surprising thing is that the up move came in the absence of any pump, press release or any analyst upgrade on the stock. It indicates that the strong financial figures in last quarter report have worked in company’s favour.

The numbers

As per 2Q2015 report, the company recorded revenue of over $2 million compared to $1.2 million in 2Q2014. It recorded nearly 21, 000 patients’ sessions, a jump of 16.5 million from the same period, a year ago. The company released SmartAssist software upgrade, which initiated the upward momentum in company’s stock.

In last trading session, the stock price of EKSO jumped nearly 6% to close the trading session at $1.44. The gains came at a share volume of 272,935 compared to average monthly share volume of 535,883.



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