Eleven Biotherapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:EBIO) Appoints Its Chief Scientific Officer To Lead A Session At Antibody Engineering And Therapeutic Conference

Eleven Biotherapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:EBIO) announced recently that it has appointed Dr. Gregory Adams, the company’s Chief Scientific Officer, to chair a crucial session that focuses on the antibody drug conjugates and synthesized proteins at the upcoming Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics Meeting in San Diego, CA.

During the session, Dr. Adams will give a presentation on the prospects for the tumor-targeted payloads to the key immune system to pave way for more effective therapy in conjunction with the immune-oncology agents such as the checkpoint inhibitors. According to Dr. Adams, the checkpoint inhibitors are an essential step in understanding the patient’s immune system in fighting against cancer cells.

Checkpoint inhibitors work by blocking the crucial signals that cancer relies on to inhibit the immune system. Thus for the checkpoint inhibitors to be effective, they need an active immune response that can fight cancer cells. The Eleven’s Targeted Protein Therapeutics (TPTs) are some of the mechanisms that the company plans to use to provide the required spark for the immune system and can act synergistically with the checkpoint inhibitors.

Earlier in the year, Dr. Adams presented the same data at the American Association which demonstrated that the TPTs stimulate immunogenic cell death as it was evidenced by the incidence of damage-associated molecular patterns. Dr. Adams stated that the firm’s collaborations with both the National Cancer Institute and AstraZeneca have made it possible to attain the positive results from the study.

The presentation of the results will enable the firm to develop the TPTs that incorporates both the tumor-targeting antibody fragment and protein cytotoxic payload into a single dose of a protein molecule to attain the focused tumor cell killing. The TPT is currently at its Phase III trial with its top-line data expected to be released in mid-2018. According to the company, its TPT approach will offer significant benefits in treating cancer and relief to patients.

Scott Sally

Scott Sally

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