EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) Truly Moving Towards Innovation

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) has announced that it is making a lot of developments towards open source solutions and the Internet of Things. The company announced that it would be making a series of updates to its products, except the ones in its data domain and protection portfolio. Additionally, EMC also announced open source version of the ViPR controller. The new product would be named CoprHD.

The new controller is the first open source project, which is based on its commercial software products. The ViPR controller focuses on storage automation and control functionality. The source code for the program would be made available on GitHub by June 2015. The program would receive its open source license under Mozilla Public License 2.0. The company expects that the open source community would broaden and deepen the functionality and features of the program.

The Project CoprHD APIs has also been developed to serve as a single vendor, neutral control point. The community would be able to make use of these features and edit them as per customer needs for various businesses. At the same time, the company CEO, David Goulden announced his plans for making a mark in the Internet of Things. The CEO highlighted the stats that by 2020 there would be around 30 billion devices connected to the internet. The new developments would lead to a new world of digital businesses, something his company needs to prepare for.

However, for companies like EMC, this means that they would need to work on minimizing the costs of services, without compromising quality. At the same time, the companies would need to invest in new and emerging technologies around the world. The company’s current updates to its products have been done with the same view in mind. The new technologies are more efficient and fast as compared to their older versions.

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) closed at $26.93, after gaining 2.86% on May 8. The company has 1.94 billion shares being traded in the market, with a 52-week range of $25.07-$30.92.

John Eisler

John Eisler

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