EnzymeBioSystems (OTCBB:ENZB) Gives Product Development Update

EnzymeBioSystems (OTCBB:ENZB), a famous enzyme and enzyme related products producer, has given updates on its product development procedure. The company continues to work on multiple projects to strengthen its product portfolio.

Product Update

As per the reports, the company has announced that its early stage research focusing on Investigational New Drug Application for methyl amooranin drug is going at a great pace. Along with putting efforts in the right direction, the company is also working on its existing products.

Methyl amooranin is one of the high-rated drugs used for the prevention of breast cancer. Company’s senior management team is poised to get the investigational new drug application as soon as possible. It wants to ensure that all the other activities like mass production, promotion, marketing and sales can start at the right time. It wants to capture users from all across the globe; hence, all the promotional activities for methyl amooranin will target global audience rather.

It’s also working hard towards developing a wide range of proprietary projects under the brand name EnzymeBioSystems. The EnzymeBioSystems will help the company sell these drugs faster in the international market. As of now, the company doesn’t want to restrict itself to any particular idea as there are endless opportunities in the market. Some of the other diseases than cancer that company is working on make room for skin care and sleep remedies.

According to Mr. Gary Rojewski, Chief Executive Officer, EnzymeBioSystems (OTCBB:ENZB), the company is working hard on developing various OTC products, but it’s not certain whether it will get the approval from the authorities or not. It will continue making efforts and see what happens.

It’s not the first time when Rojewski has made such a comment. But leaving apart his statement, market experts are pretty much impressed by the way EnzymeBioSystems is making efforts amid tough regulatory and market conditions.

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