Ex-EBAY Exec Chris Payne Set To Join Tinder As CEO And Unveil Strategic Plans For Development

Chris Payne, a top notch executive who made a mark as one of the prominent leaders at eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) until late 2014, when he resigned, has now been hired by a popular mobile dating application called Tinder.

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Chris Payne In Rad’s Role

Chris Payne will soon be replacing Sean Rad, the co-founder and CEO of Tinder. Sources claim that Tinderbox’s search for new CEO has finally been successful as they obtained Chris Payne as an exquisite replacement. Now the plans need to be refurbished and thought about in details and the role of Rad and forming other members on the board would be taken into account.

Sources who know about the happening shared insights that once Payne is onboard as the CEO, Rad will become the President of Tinder and cater to product, management and marketing, whereas the other segments would be run by Payne.

How Chris Payne Joined Tinder?

Payne had been associated with EBAY’s shopping business’ success across North America. He had been shortlisted to emerge as the CEO of PayPal after its spin-off from EBAY. However, things changed thick and fast; sources at EBAY commented that Payne had opted to leave EBAY to carry out business endeavour of his choices. Sources claimed that the venture would be no other than Tinder.

Tinder is in its growth phase amongst youngsters and the company has released Tinder Plus – a major revenue product that garnered a good customer base in the UK and the US during February-March 2015. Chris Payne of eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) fame comes at the prime time to be associated with Tinder, a startup wherein IAC has a huge stake.

Change In Plans

Tinder is working towards reframing its charges to avoid criticism and gain access from people of all ages in large numbers. With the inception of Payne in the team, Tinder may be looking forward to a new model for business development.

David Barry

David Barry

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