Explanation As To Why Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Ads Are Following Users

The stock of Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) closed at $ 177.18 and maintained the same position in yesterday’s trading session. Reality is eventually dawning to most of the people that Facebook is almost psychic in terms of its ability to target relevant ads. A lot of speculation has been moving around with some people purporting that the company has a way of listening to every phone’s microphone thus picking up ambient conversations. The company has from time to time come out clean refuting such claims as untrue and unfounded.

In offering its explanation, Facebook has been quick in asserting that the ads were targeted to users in a wide ray of methods including what a user inputs in Facebook as well as his overall behavior. Facebook moves about checking out the sites different persons visit when they are logged onto its platform. It also depends of the wide range of information that the various third-party companies pull from users.

A perfect scenario involved one editor that worked for CNBC. In his navigation he happened to visit a furniture retailer’s website where he came across bed frames. He mentioned that out loud to his wife but the surprising bit was what his wife found after opening her computer and logging into Facebook. She came across a similar ad for that specific furniture retailer.

Most of the sources familiar with the company’s advertising technology have been receiving quite a large number of questions from people around the globe. It is a cause for concern for most of them and they needed to understand how that happened.

They have forwarded a number of possibilities. One of them was that it could be a matter of the various businesses showing most of Facebook ads within specific parameters. According to them, this kind of targeting could at times get quite specific.

Jess Richards, the Havas Media’s agency Socialyze executive vice president and managing director of North America opined, “The methods are completely compliant with the law. It allows advertisers, if they are doing it right, to be more relevant based on the information they know.”

David Barry

David Barry

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