Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Rolls Out “Moments” A New Photo Sharing App

Moments is a photo manager app for Smartphone that empowers users, group and share photos with ease. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)‘s brand new app is photo storage plus auto-syncing and private sharing, with high-end facial recognition thrown in. Moments will group photos according to when and where they were taken. The standalone app provides a very simple process to share social events. Moments leverages facial recognition to group photos based on Facebook friends. Immediately after installing and launching the app the user has to decide whether he wish to give access to photo collections to friends identified in the photos.

Users’ friends will be able to see the photos in Facebook Messenger. Alternatively they can install Moments on their devices and relish the occasion where several people can share photos. Harnessing Moments delivers complete picture of the event since varied perspectives are displayed as additional friends share photos from the same period and place.

Moments offers a private version of sharing and enjoying photos. The good news is that the photos are not made public on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Facebook’s facial recognition technology can recognize which of users’ friends are present in photos. Users have the option to dispatch those photos privately to specific friends.

The app starts off with “private” and “synced” catalogs. Initially, everything is stored in the “private” area. Users need to decide whether they wish to share the photos in the repository, with individuals that Facebook ascertained they were with. You have the option to sync photos or leave them unaffected.

Facebook’s facial technology is quite advanced. One of the reasons is Facebook’s mining of other, previously tagged photos of individual(s). With Moments, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has smartly harnessed its most significant advantage in photo services, which is in-depth knowledge of the user’s friends.

Currently, Moments is offered in only iOS and Android devices in the United States. It will be available in other nations in near future.

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