Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Takes A Step Forward Towards Displacing YouTube In Video Streaming Space

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been pushing towards wooing users and develop into an online video content publisher, directly on its portal. All these years, FB had revolutionized and been capable of placing and playing autoplay videos rampantly in the newsfeeds of users, since the inception of this idea in 2013. The company has now reported that in June 2014, there were 1 billion videos watched or buffered per day, whereas in Q4 2014, it shot up three-folds to 3 billion per day.

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FB Upbeat To Displace YouTube In Video Uploads

FB has now implemented two exquisite ways to let these numbers climb. It initially rolled out embeddable videos. Secondly, it started with the testing of continuous autoplay videos – watching one video after another in autoplay mode. Both these features have already been in vogue in Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s YouTube. It is clear that FB is upbeat in displacing YouTube shortly, as the parlance for uploading short form videos.

How FB Has Bettered Its Video Upload?

The previous videos that used to be embedded on Facebook were never pretty; the qualities used to be compromised hugely. However, with this new embed module in place, users can easily create minimalist player that is useful is keeping out all sorts of extraneous information and noises. Thus, the quality resembles the one that YouTube’s embedded video player showcases.

FB’s New Feed Algorithm Help Videos Reach Larger Audiences

The latest amelioration in video upload technology on FB may act as an incentive in wooing people directly to the portal. Besides, FB enables users to send videos out to its followers. Surveys carried out reveal that FB’s News Feed operates by virtue of an algorithm that notably favours video embed, better than YouTube embeds. It implies that users can cut across a larger audience on Facebook than on YouTube.

FB Can Monetize Most From ‘Autoplaying Videos’

Embedded FB videos represent opportunities to monetize. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) autoplay videos make pre-roll advertisement with videos not so effective. The autoplay feature is undoubtedly increasing FB’s video view count. The company is likely to add far more features to it and make it appealing and thus woo users in near future and improving scopes for monetization.

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