Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) To Come Up With Its In-App Search Engine

According to the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), the company is soon going to come up with its in-app search engine. The testing for this new app is underway and once implemented will enable the users to post their links in the status update without visiting Google. Similarly, the app will come with added features such as ‘add a link’ option located just beside the buttons so that the users can add location, status post or photos.

Initially the ‘add a link’ option will be available only for the users in the US. Once the user has typed in the search term and dropped down the link lists will appear. Another highlighting feature of this new in-app is that it will show the user a preview so that he gets to see what is displayed on the website and accordingly share the link to the social networking site. Usually, a user first goes on the Google or any other search engine such as Yahoo.com or Bing or goes to the website copy and paste the link into the Facebook.

The New In-app Will Cut Down Search Engine Visits

The main aim of the Facebook for introducing such an app is to cut down the process of going to other search engine and then coming back to complete the process of sharing the link or the image. With the implementation of this new app, the Facebook users will be able to complete the operation within the Facebook without having to look elsewhere. It will ensure that the users stay on the Facebook for a longer duration.

While talking to TechCrunch, the spokesperson of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said that the company is trying to come up with a new way through this app for making posts, comments and sharing new links. However, these new changes from Facebook can bring Google under pressure because the in-app will also perform other functions of the search engine.

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