Facebook Launches Messenger.com

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has launched the Messenger.com domain for the first time. It is supposed to be a messenger client, which would be separate from the home page of Facebook.

Why are analyst so optimistic about FB?

This move by Facebook clearly shows their intentions to make their users get accustomed to their upcoming Messenger Business integration. In this service, users will be able to communicate with companies on a first hand basis. Facebook users could directly reach out to these companies to get further details about any kind of services, which they might provide. However, it is not limited to just services. Users can also enquire about products, updates, shipment tracking etc.

The Messenger.com domain does not yet have the third party app integrations. For example, to share any multimedia content from the internet, such as an image, or a GIF file straight from the Web FB Messenger, people will have to switch back to the old ways. Simply copying and pasting the link, or uploading the GIF file itself will be sufficient to do the job. Also, the Web version is currently available in English only. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will soon launch support for additional languages in the following days to come.

To start using the service, a user will have to log into Messenger.com and provide their Facebook account credentials to log in. The internet browser of the user will then pull up the chat screen and display the list of current chats in full-screen. This was done to make multimedia sharing much more “visually appealing”. Also, telephonic conversations using VOIP technology could also be carried out. This is similar to what Google had tried with Hangouts.

To customize the application as per the needs of the user, options for changing sounds of desktop notification and other similar options is provided. It could be found on the upper left corner of the screen, having a button looking like a gear.

Abbott Michael

Abbott Michael

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