ACI Worldwide Inc (NASDAQ:ACIW) Associates With Shaw Systems

Albany, New York (10/07/2014) – ACI Worldwide Inc (NASDAQ:ACIW) and Shaw Systems will work together to facilitate loan payments to financial services companies. It will be a cost-effective system for Shaw that will allow it to service Auto finance clients in a much convenient and better way. With the partnership, Shaw can provide ACI’s integrated bill payment offerings to its clients.

The offerings

The customers can use the EBPP services offering a wide range of options for delivering and receiving electronic bill payment. The various options are based on three parameters. The first one is payment types including one-time, recurring and fee based. The second parameter is channels including web, IVR, mobile or call center. The third parameter is funding options including credit or debit. The several options are designed so as to meet the needs of different customers. Ultimately, Shaw’s customers can make huge cost savings without compromising on the quality of services.

The objective

Cyndy Stone, the COO of Shaw, said that the company’s objective is to provide its clients with the best financial services and products offerings. It wants to meet need all the customers from different segments. Shaw is delighted to be associated with ACI Worldwide Inc (NASDAQ:ACIW), a company known for its product offering in bill pay. The integration of ACI’s bill payment technology into Shaw’s technology will create an unmatched value proposition in bill pay offering industry.

The management view

Eric Labiak, Senior VP of ACI Worldwide Inc (NASDAQ:ACIW), said that Shaw has got a strong presence in auto finance industry. It is also a key growth industry for ACI. Both the companies share the similar values. The technology will well complement with each other and enhance the customer satisfaction. The clients can achieve improved economies of scale. ACI Worldwide Inc (NASDAQ:ACIW) and Shaw together can provide most comprehensive bill pay offering to the present as well as future joint customers.

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