, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Officially Launches Home Services

Online e-commerce giant, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has officially announced the launch of a new home service section in the USA. The new section is expected to give the company’s customers an avenue where they can access professional help.

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Amazon initially started out selling books over the internet and later advanced; turning into the massive online market that it is today. The new home service section was introduced due to the company’s realization that clients usually require extra services such as installations after buying the items.

Peter Faricy, who is the company’s Vice President, announced the launch of the new service, with a wide range of over 700 services, all of which are variable from different fields and different location.

Amazon’s intention is to provide a solution that caters to after-sale problems experienced by customers after they make purchases online. The project also aims to eradicate the big problem of finding a reliable professional who can offer qualitywork as well as carrying out the required after sale task.

The company has clear guidelines for the listing of professionals who best qualify in the different fields in the portfolio of the initial 700 services. Applicants are expected to have a presentable background check. They should have proper registration, and their businesses should be licensed and insured. Faricy reported that this strategy would improve transparency for the clients. The plan is also expected to allow Amazon and the service providers to convey services in a timely manner.

This service will give Amazon’s clientele a chance to experience better quality, complete and satisfactory results from the additional services by choosing Amazon as the provider. The service will also be useful in helping the customer to avoid haggling over service prices usually done when looking for an individual service provider. Payment for the services will also be done after the job has been completed. This will assist in ensuring a maintained quality of service.

The service providers will mostly be local businesses working together with or getting opportunities from Amazon. However,, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is making arrangements to improve the service by coming up with an elaborate chain of service providers.

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