Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) To Launch TV Service This Fall According To WSJ

For years now there have been rumors about the much anticipated Apple TV. This saga has generated so much anticipation that every time it is defined as just a rumor, disappointment rains. Well according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is feverishly pursuing its Web TV service, to be launched this fall.

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According to WSJ the company is in negotiations, with a few programmers in looking at its options to offer a slim-downed package of TV networks. WSJ further reports that Apple is considering incorporating approximately 25 channels on its TV service. Some of the chief protagonists of this service just to name a few are Fox, CBS, and ABC. According to sources close to the company the company is looking to make the product available on Apple devices like Apple TV.

With the news of talks swirling, what is interesting is the fact that Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA)’s name is not being mentioned as included in the talks. This is as a result of the reported falling out between Apple and Comcast’s parent company NBC Universal. As a result, if Apple were to launch its TV service Key broadcast network such as NBC, and key cable stations such as Bravo and USA will sadly be excluded. This, however, not only creates ambiguities, but it also makes Apple’s intentions a bit difficult.

This news will come on the heel of the breakdown in talks between Apple and Comcast just last year about teaming up on making a streaming television platform between the two a reality. This unfortunate situation would have otherwise seen both companies use Apple’s expertise in user interfaces with Comcast’s strength in broadband delivery. This, however, not only creates ambiguities, but it also makes Apple’s intentions a bit difficult. According to WSJ, one media executive notes that it will be challenging for Apple to launch a TV service without NBC Universal’s channels. One thing is for certain, is that if proven to be more than just a rumor, Apple’s popularity will sure be heightened a bit further. Until then anticipation remains ripe.

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