Cooper Tire & Rubber Co (NYSE:CTB) Teams Up With Teen Race Car Driver Tristan Nunez

With an objective to spread awareness about distracted driving and publicizing its dangers, Cooper Tire & Rubber Co (NYSE:CTB) has decided to team up with Tristan Nunez. He works in MAZDA Factory as a professional racer and car driver. As per the reports, the 19-year-old Tristan Nunez will help the company in spreading its words.

Road Ahead:

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co (NYSE:CTB) has announced this news in relation with National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. There will be a lot of innovative activities conducted as part of this partnership. Some of them include- web and social media efforts, speaking appearances, etc. Apart from this, both Cooper and Nunez will come together for the rest of the year and make additional efforts to enhance the awareness of distracted driving’s disadvantages.

Even though, both of them will focus on spreading awareness among people of age group, but their initial focus will be on youngsters. As per the reports, the statistics reveal that youngsters are distracted almost a quarter of the time they opt for driving. Tristan Nunez is just 19-year-old, but he is becoming a full-time driver in the world of professional racing with a swift speed. He has been working tirelessly towards educating drivers to empower them for taking better decisions about their life and career.

It’s not the first time when he has involved in any such initiative. Previously, he initiated Dnt txt n drV Foundation in 2014 that worked in the same field. Apart from this brave step, Nunez has also spoken as a keynote speaker at the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Teen Distracted Driving Prevention Summit. In order to spread awareness, Nunez also addressed the Lifesavers National Conference earlier this month.

The management of Cooper Tire is delighted to enter into this agreement deal with young Nunez and hopes that the youngster will help the company serve the purpose of this association in the best possible way.

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