DayStar Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:DSTI) Appoints Bill Richardson on its board

DayStar Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:DSTI) announced a new addition to their Board of Directors. Bill Richardson, Former Governor of New Mexico, Former United States Secretary of Energy, and Nobel Prize nominee, is the newly elected member. The president of DayStar Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:DSTI) Lorne Roseborough said that Bill was the perfect one keeping in mind his prior achievements. He made the New Mexico “Clean Energy State” through the use of renewable resources to meet about twenty percent of the city’s electricity demand. Besides this, he is the founder of Renewable Energy Transmission Authority. They believe Bill’s vision and determination can perfectly match with the Company’s need to achieve great heights.

Mr. Richardson has an experience of fifteen years in representing the 3rd Congressional District, served as U.S. Ambassador for United Nations and later on became Secretary of U.S. Energy Department under Clinton’s administration. Daniel Germain founder of the Breakfast Clubs of Canada that Mr. Richardson has developed high diplomatic skill through years of experience in Public and Private sectors and will surely be a boon to DayStar Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:DSTI) presence at all levels.  For his dedication not only improving, but also for protecting the quality of people all around was the reason behind his supreme positions in all sectors.

Bill has played roles of Chairman at Global Political Services as well as a Special Envoy for Organization of American States and has promoted peace amongst Western countries.  He has also joined a few of the for-profit and non-profit boards inclusive of National Council for Science and the Environment, Abengoa’s International Advisory Board, Refugees International, etc.

The shares of DayStar Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:DSTI) were down by 11.05% to close at $1.53.

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