Ebola in Focus: Alpha Pro Tech (APT), Lakeland Industries (LAKE), Versar Inc. (VSR)

Albany, New York (10/15/2014) – Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd. (NYSEMKT:APT) continues to show strength in its stock as Ebola dominates global headlines. A call by President Obama on nations with the capacity to step up their fight against the virus is likely to lead to more equipment and personnel being sent to the hard-hit areas.

APT manufactures infection protective gears that are suitable for use in environments prone to Ebola. An increase in the fight against Ebola from the hard-hit regions of West Africa to the terminals of major airports around the world means a big demand for the protective gears as the Ebola virus is highly infectious.

Lakeland Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:LAKE) is getting powered by the news about the diagnosis of the third Ebola infection case in the U.S. Health officials in Dallas reported that a second nurse had contracted the deadly virus. That happened after another nurse was confirmed to have the disease a few days ago. A Liberian man was the first to be diagnosed with the disease in the U.S. The nurses were part of the medical team that attended to the Liberian man that died of Ebola in the area recently.

The latest Ebola outbreak has confounded health experts because the virus is of a different strain from what had been known. As such, as experts grapple with questions, the focus is turning to control measures to defeat the disease. Lakeland Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:LAKE) is a provider of hazmat suits, which are targeted at protecting against infectious conditions in healthcare or industrial setting.

Versar Inc. (NYSEMKT:VSR) is playing its part in the fight of the now global scourge in the name of Ebola virus. The company has updated its Web portal to highlight a set of gears that can be used to contain the spread of Ebola. The company manufactures various protective materials that are suitable for use in the Ebola-prone situations such as in the field and emergency rooms.

Investors are betting that Versar Inc. (NYSEMKT:VSR) will make good sales from its infection control units as Ebola continues to spread far beyond the West Africa region where it is causing havoc.

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