Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Comes Up With Tools To Alert Friends And Family In Emergency Time

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has come out with tools to be used in times of emergency. It comes on the back of lessons learnt from the earlier earthquake and tsunami a few years ago in Japan. The company felt the need to have communication during the times of emergency.

The latest tools also come on the back of a number of users trying to find the safety of near and dear in the social networking site in case of emergency or natural calamities affecting a specified area.

Safety Check

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has unveiled Safety Check tool, which should be used during the times of emergency such as hurricane, earthquake and tsunami. The idea was to let family and friends know that the user was safe and sound, latimes.com reported.

Whenever any natural calamity strikes a particular area or region, family and friends would be eager to know the safety of their beloved. At times, it was a scramble to locate the affected persons. The social networking site is gearing itself to help such affected people through the process.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said in a blog that its engineers in Japan have created the Disaster Message Board that was progressed into safety check. Their move came on the back of over 12.5 million affected by earthquake and tsunami in 2011. The tool would be available on iOS, Android, desktop PCs and feature phones.

Working Of Tools

As and when natural calamities strike, the safety check tool would be activated. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) would notify the users in the affected area seeking to know the users’ safety. It would also establish the locations of the user based on the city the user has listed in his or her profile. It also provides an option of the last location in case an user opted to use the nearby friends feature apart from the city the user was using the Internet.

The user would have to select the option of ‘I’m safe’ if he or she were safe and notify. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) indicated that News Feed story would be generated with the profile of the user, and friends can also mark the user as safe.

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