Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Encourages Chinese Advertisers By Opening Hong Kong Office

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) doesn’t get a space over the Internet in China, but a country with a huge population definitely is on the list of this company. It s for this reason that Facebook continues with its plans to enter the threshold of Dragon through Chinese advertisers, the soft target.

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Facebook pitching in Chinese businesses

In its efforts to extract more revenue, the Silicon Valley social site is tapping in the employees from Hong Kong. Facebook has tapped the second partner in the local vicinity in order to reach out to the advertisers there. Facebook is planning to wage an attractive campaign for the companies in China, so as to glue more business, despite not accessibility of the site there. The company aims to attract Chinese businesses to enjoy advertising benefits of 1.39 billion monthly active users of Facebook, beyond the borders of China.

Other companies trying for mainland customers too

Apart from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), there are other companies such as Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) which also want access to the customers in this mainland. Google has a few of its services off-China because of the censorship concerns, while Twitter has recently try to woo the advertisers in China by its Hong Kong office, that was opened early this month.

Facebook: An Important Ad Tool

Facebook will look forward to the clients like Youzu Interactive Co., the online games designer. Youzu has already spent most of its advertising budget (10 million yuan or $1.6 million approx.) on Facebook and it has also received the benefit of it. According to Youzu, it got more than twice the registered players (on a daily basis) for its game called League of Angels. The manager of overseas advertising of Youzu says that half of their daily users of the popular game are sourced from Facebook. It is indeed the important tool for advertising.

This act of Facebook is indicative of the fact that it shall intensify its actions of entering into China one day. Dragon does not allow social networks like Twitter, Facebook and others to enter into its vicinity.

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