Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) F8 App Confirms Messenger As A Platform, Parse For IoT

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) F8 conference sent out a message announcing the opening of demo for Parse for IoT, and Messenger as a platform. There have been speculations that the message was a leak, mainly because Facebook refuses to make any more statements. Additionally, it wasn’t completely clear as the message was written, “Parse for IoT, Messenger as a Platform, and the Teleportation Station.”

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The message maybe a hint of what will be happening at the coming F8 conference. This could mean a lot for developers. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) may be looking to expand its capacity. Critics are speculating that Facebook has plans to introduce Facebook messenger app and “Internet of Things” as platforms for the parse suit. This alternatively means that the two will possibly be open to changes in future, as developers are expected to expand them to new and multiple capabilities.

Parse in this case probably refers to Facebook’s application building platform. Whatever the case, what is clear is Facebook’s endless pursuit for multiple growth avenues. This is evident by the many acquisitions that it has made in the recent past, such as acquisition of WhatsApp and Oculus.

The move to acquire these brands looks very strategic, especially because they are branded, with impressive growth curves. With WhatsApp already established already earning high profits, it is however Oculus, which raises more interest. This is because it marks the company’s official venture into the gaming industry. With Oculus being rumored to be the future of gaming through virtual reality, it is understandable why Facebook made this smart move. With the resources Facebook has, the project stands a good chance to be pushed in the right direction.

Not much is known about Internet of Things (IoT). However, speculation is that it is an online platform where entities can interact without any interference or input from the human element. Nonetheless, the project is hinting a lot of attention from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), so they have big plans for it.

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