Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Is Testing A Caller ID/Dialer App Named ‘Phone’ For Android Users

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) seems to amuse all and sundry with its revelation of applications; they come up with apps under their brand and name them after myriad system apps. Team FB has again come up with a confusing name for an app that would help people call other around.

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‘Phone’ Getting Tested

The app termed Phone’ would show the information pertaining to who is on call and accordingly block those who are updated in the commonly blocked lists. There are a few snaps and screenshots around that overtly express that the new app shall have the name of ‘Phone’. The screenshots have been collected from various sources and hints at FB’s think tank pondering on coming up with a common name – ‘Phone’ for its upcoming call based app.

FB-ONLY Screenshots Released

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has a unique procedure that they follow while coming up with any updates or new app launches. They carry out major updates pertaining to interfaces to the application server-end. This makes users come across occasional or seemingly random glimpses of myriad random features pertaining to UI design or other such new features characteristic to the application, before it is overtly launched.

Often these images or screenshots come with a tag ‘FB-ONLY’ that reveals that somebody flipped the incorrect switch, and thus the element that the researchers and coders are working on went live, far before anticipated.

Why Did FB Come Up With This App?

Not much information pertaining to the app is revealed, however, from whatever info is disclosed it may be ascertained that the phone is some kind of a dialer replacement. The phone can easily block calls from numbers that show up in the incoming calls’ list if the numbers hail from a common pool of spam or blocked numbers.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is upbeat in testing for this app. If realized, this application would be shielding FB users from calls from unsolicited sources. It is only a matter of time when FB comes up with a revelation announcing the launch of this app!

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