Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Windows 10 Will Ensure Secure Boot Lock Out For Alternate OS Turns Into A Reality

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) had sufficed a variety of issues – often disgruntling and dissuading when one recollects the barrage of complaints that propped up after the launch of Windows 8 OS. The complaints technically were relevant to installing alternate OS be the previous versions of Windows or other OS like FreeBSD or Linux. Technically, installing the alternate versions of OS was not allowed on systems or hardware that had the logo of ‘Designed for Windows-8’.

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Clauses To Follow

There were a lot of clauses that the hardware manufacturers had to bear in mind. A range of requisite changes had to be carried out by the hardware manufacturers for these systems that ran Windows 8, in order to make way for installation of alternate OS. The machines needed to support UEFI Secure Boot feature.

Why Secure Boot?

This secure boot feature is intended to protect the OS against malware interfering with the booting process, and restrict them from interfering or injecting themselves on OS from the very lower levels. There was an underlying principle that when this secure boot gets enabled, the innate or core components that get used to boot the machines needs to have apt cryptographic signatures.

The UEFI firmware established verifies this prior to starting the machines. If any of the bootable files get tampered with or the secure signature gets broken, then the system restricts itself from booting.

Secure Boot Tip Off Installation Of Alternate OS

This feature is an exceptionally good one however this hindered the installation of alternative OS. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) mandated that in order to enable installation of alternatives, hardware manufacturers need to resort to a user-accessible switch in order to ineptly turn the option to boot securely off, and ensure that the computers manufactured are compatible enough in line with the installed OS.

MSFT’s Revelation For Win 10 Hardware Configuration

At the esteemed WinHEC conference (at Shenzhen, in China) MSFT unveiled the hardware requisites for Windows 10. The official sources commented that the switch that would turn off ‘Secure Boot’ option is now an optional one. OEMs may envisage coming out with machines that locks out alternate OS.

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