, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Unveils Upgraded ‘Prime Music Stations’, Challenges iTunes Radio And Pandora, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has rolled out an update of its Prime Music – an exquisite, free music streaming portal for all the prime members! Prime Music has been upgraded with the inception of a new feature that will ensure that the services provided by AMZN to prime members are top notch and ineptly compete with similar offerings as that of iTunes Radio or Pandora.

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App Upgraded With New Features

AMZN has unveiled ‘Prime Stations’ for all the users of its iOS app that calls for easy and quick music streaming – ad free from the music stations with offerings of unlimited song skips. Besides, new updates include those of personalized recommendations, wherein users can full well see a number of highlighted songs, playlists and albums that the artificial intelligence of AMZN believes that match your tastes or your kind of genres. These selections shall be based entirely on the previous playing history.

Service Based On ‘Personalization’

Spokespersons from, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) have hinted that the more a user goes about using the service, the better is the personalization. Moreover, like on other service platforms, users can easily change or train algorithms exquisitely by hinting at thumbs up or down features that indicates the interest of an individual on any artist or any given track. Based on the feedbacks obtained, Prime Stations can comprehend and make playlists that cater to certain specific interests of the users.

Novelty For iOS Users, Android App In The Pipeline

The features depicted on Prime Music Stations are not any novelty. It has been featured on varied platforms way back during the fall. Till date, this feature is available on the web-version, on desktop app solely for Mac and PC and on innovative AMZN Fire tablets.

However, this is the first time access to something of this sort for iOS users. This feature is yet to be realized on AMZN’s Google Play for its premium Prime Music Android app users.

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