Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) In The Fast Lane

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), one of the pioneers in American automobile announced plans to create 850 more jobs relating to its Dearborn Truck, Stamping and Diversified facilities. They plan to go about their mission of making the new Ford-150, or the F-150, the smartest and toughest one year. Coming over the back of a new transformation, the Dearborn Truck underwent the largest transformation in decades to prepare for the launch. In South-eastern Michigan alone, Ford created 4,000 more jobs, in direct co-relation of their UAW talks of 2011.

“The technology that is going into making the F-150 is said to be cutting-edge as well as unseen by the automobile industry,” said Jimmy Settles, the chairman of the UAW and Vice President and Director of National Ford Department. He went on to hail the addition of these new jobs as a celebration for the hardworking and committed workers of Rouge. This announcement from Ford is heralded as a new achievement not only for Ford, but for the citizens of Michigan, the state Governor, Rick Snyder was quoted saying.

Ever since their 2011 UAW talks, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) have not only created 12,000 new jobs by 2015, but they’ve also exceeded their goal by creating 14,000.

This F-150 car by ford looks to be a brand new offering from Ford with some exciting and attractive new features added to it. The engineers have also improved the signature fully boxed ladder frame to make it as a more convenient and sturdy car. With high-strength, military-grade aluminium alloys too; it saves up to 700 pounds of weight.

The new design is to more fuel-efficient too because of the improvements to the weight which also additionally means that the new vehicle can lift up to 1,100 pounds more. The F-150 comes equipped with the new 2.7-liter EcoBoost® engine offering, to render the vehicle one of the best in its standards. America’s best-selling truck looks set for a new, improved makeover.

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