General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) Advises Corvette Drivers Not To Use Nanny Cam

Albany, New York (09/29/2014) – One of the largest automakers in the world, General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) has advised drivers and dealers of its Corvette not to use ‘nanny cam’ feature since it would invite legal actions in the absence of proper permission from the occupants of the vehicles.

Nanny Cam Feature

The feature of a nanny cam is that it allows recording of vehicle data so that drivers can analyze their driving, said. As a result, it would also provide other issues to be tackled. For instance, when the microphones and camera were switched on by switching into ‘valet mode’, storage compartments get locked apart from the entertainment system getting disabled. However, it would allow recording every event happening inside the vehicle, be it audio or vehicle.

Sensing the trouble ahead, General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) has issued instructions to drivers, as well as, dealers on the need to get permission from the occupants of the vehicles before putting nanny cam into operations. The company believes that recording the events inside the car would tantamount to ignoring the State laws, which requires prior permission of the person being recorded.

Fix The Issue

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) said that the idea behind fixing the nanny cam inside the vehicle was that an owner of the vehicle can have the option of reviewing the tape to catch a valet, who decides to run the V8 engine-powered car’s 650 horsepower for an uninvited spin.

The company’s marketing materials illustrated it as a nanny cam, which was termed a baby monitor for a car.

The company indicated that Chevrolet would soon be developing updated software to be available to fix the issue. Meanwhile, General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) has sent a letter to its customers in the U.S. advising them not to use the valet mode. The company advised that in case they wish to use a feature, they should get prior permission from the occupants of the vehicles before they start recording in the vehicle.

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