Google Inc (GOOGL)’s YouTube Has Plans To Go To Hollywood And Make Films Having Digital Stars

The YouTube community is entering the movie business; however its movies would be premiered online rather than in theatres.

Sources have revealed the Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) virtual video service has declared a partnership with the MCN or commonly known as the multi-channel network, as well as the DreamWorks Animation subsidiary Awesomeness TV. Their motive is to create a genre of movies, which feature only YouTube stars.

Alex Carloss, the boss of YouTube Originals in a blog quoted that, “Together, we’ll release several feature-length films over the next two years, all driven by YouTube stars and developed and produced by Awesomeness TV’s Brian Robbins.”

He also said that these movies would all premier on YouTube globally before they are available anywhere. He also says that this setting would transform into a new dissemination paradigm for future times and that he is hopeful of releasing their first film with more information to arrive.

Reports suggest that Robbins had already been announced at the MIP TV conference, which took place recently. Another thing came out was that the Awesomeness TV is expected to produce six feature movies comprising of the best Apple I Tune charts in a film named Expelled staring virtual star, Cameron Dallas.

Robbins whose firm was purchased in 2013 by Dream Works says that- “This film accomplished in four months what it takes most studios four years to do: create a hit movie that resonates with the audience most important to follow.”

YouTube as per sources has already said to declare deals with four renowned makers regarding brand new shows. These include comedy shows via Smosh and the Fine Brothers, and a Murder Mystery via Vlogger Joey Graceffa. Also as per the sources YouTube has also said to receive exclusive rights regarding the first series of Wonder Quest, an innovative educational show created by the Joseph Garrett (mostly known as Stampy), a Brit mind craft gamer!

Reports revealed that this idea had aroused a special kind of interest in people who regularly tend to YouTube. They too have said that the idea is good and as a result would enable them to get some unique shows to enjoy!

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