Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Balloons Can Serve 4G To Entire State

The first time when Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) came up with the concept of Google balloons was in June, 2013. Things have come very long way from what they looked in the first place. According to reports, each Google Balloon is capable of serving an entire state with 4G speed internet.

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Project Loon:

As per the claims made public by Google, any of its balloons, say ‘Project Loon’ can stay in the air as long as six months and provide 4G LTE services in the entire state continuously. Internet giant states that its balloons are capable of serving states of the size of Rhode Island without any interruption. The senior management of Google is backing ‘Loon Balloons’ and hoping that they will make their ways into sky very soon.

Even though any official announcement of the launch of ‘Project Loon’ has not yet been made by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL), but still it has started testing its services. As per the reports, Google is providing internet services to one of the schools in Brazil and is looking forward to partnering with Telstra in Australia, Vodafone New Zealand and Telefónica in Latin America. The company wants to leave no stone unturned before ‘Project Loon’ hits the market.

Reports claim that United States will be the first country where internet services through Loon Balloon will be launched in the near future. The primary objective of this internet giant is to make available internet to most of the people in developing countries. In any condition, it’s good for Google, too. The more people start using Internet, the better it will be for Google’s business. While giving an interview to Ars, Johan Mathe, Software Engineer, Google, stated that for many countries, getting one-hour internet per day is a huge challenge. Project loon is focused on such people and will try to enhance their overall internet experience in the coming days.

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