Incontact Inc (NASDAQ:SAAS) Provider Of Robust Cloud Voice-of-the-Customer Solution

Albany, New York (09/24/2014) – Incontact Inc (NASDAQ:SAAS) is the provider of effective Cloud Voice-of-the-Customer Solution. It has announced that a major utility company wants to improve their customer service with effective solution. The cloud customer survey solution is known as ECHO. It reduces the survey response time and improves quality of customer feedback. It is flexible and provides near real-time results. The utility company wants to reduce the turn-around time of the survey from five weeks to less than a day with ECHO. As a result, it can better equip its 500 agents with the much-needed customer intelligence to enhance the quality of its customer service.

The need of feedback

Paul Jarman, the CEO at Incontact Inc (NASDAQ:SAAS), said that feedback plays an important role in improving the services. It enables the company to know about the customer experience. The collection of feedback is a tough process and moreover it needs right people to make it valuable. Cloud platform allows the information to be distributed to the agents in a short time. The distribution of actionable information is the distinguishing feature of ECHO.

The solution

The voice-of-the-customer solution enables the agents to collect immediate feedback from clients. As it is done in a short time, the interaction remains fresh and they quickly forward it to contact center management. The solution can be configured as per the requirement. The agents can monitor the service performance, and depending upon the requirement can adjust the communication ways. They can build their programs and processes to achieve a positive customer experience.

The key features

Cloud Voice-of-the-Customer Solution provides the users with the two important features. The first feature is agility in providing the customer the service they demand and secondly flexibility in the way they want. The two features are the strength of ECHO solution making it a tailor-made solution for the companies.

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