Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Subsidiary Delivers Enhancements For Wind River Linux

Wind River, a completely owned Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) subsidiary, announced recently that it improved its Linux solutions with introduction of secure, intelligent and connected devices. Two profiles have been introduced and these include Wind River Open Virtualization and Security Profile as well as the Carrier Grade Profile.

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The latest upgradation with new profiles

The new profiles will enable the developers in creating reliable, intelligent, safe and secure systems. These systems, in turn, will enable harnessing the latest use and power of IoT. The new profiles mentioned above have been infused with Linux kernel, Yocto Project 1.7 version user space and tool chain. The latest updates are said to enhance the Wind River Linux platform by granting the high value.

Dealing with the safety and security challenges

In the latest buzz-word called the Internet of Things, actionable and meticulous insights will freely flow and emerge only in case the connectivity remains continuous. But, at the same time, in case of constant connectivity, the risks of safety and privacy increase. The security threats also increase. Persistent connectivity therefore becomes a threat in itself.

With more and more devices getting connected with the IoT, there is a huge need of zero downtime, better performance and also managed security systems.

In this context, the GM and VP of Wind River operating System Department, Dinyar Dastoor, says that with the growth of IoT, there have been increasing challenges around security. But, the new Linux profiles created by the company will help in addressing these needs for secure devices in IoT range.

Meanwhile, the companies are also facing challenges regarding deployment of huge IoT systems. Maintenance of these systems become another confront. Wind River acts on this issue by facilitating support to the companies for longer lifecycles and these also include security patches and vital updates to the software.

The profiles created by Wind Power are meant to deal with the aforementioned requirements of today’s IoT.

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