KKR & Co. L.P. (NYSE:KKR) To Support Global Expansion Of arago AG

KKR & Co. L.P. (NYSE:KKR) said that it is going to support the global expansion plans of Aragon AG (ETR:A8A) with primary capital. It is a specialist firm in IT automation and is managed by Dr. Bernhard Walther and Chris Boos. The minority investment is done as a measure to support the cutting-edge advanced technology.


“Autopilot” is the key product of Aragon AG (ETR:A8A) which is developed in last eight years. The automation platform use high-performance algorithms and different technologies. The companies can automate their all elements of IT-Stack including individual applications and heterogeneous IT environments. It works on the concept of using reusable knowledge modules for doing tasks. The system activates automation rates of up to almost 90%.

The recognition

The analysts at Gartner recognized Aragon AG (ETR:A8A) as “Cool Vendor in IT Operations 2014.” It is a prestigious title awarded to the firms who excel in the industry of digitalization. They have the power to bring big change in the industry with their visionary approach and innovative products. The technology offered by arago is used in a number of corporations that uses complex IT systems like outsourcers and banks. Chris Boos has worked on the development of software for past 25 years.KKR & Co. L.P. (NYSE:KKR) realized the significance of AutoPilot technology and supported the product vision. Also, it is going to help in the global expansion by investing operational resources and capital.

The final selection

Aragon AG (ETR:A8A) said that they have selected KKR as an investor as KKR has got a strong network and a deep understanding of B2B business models. For KKR, it is an opportunity to support the cutting-edge technology. Boos has got vision and experience of developing a unique technology. KKR & Co. L.P. (NYSE:KKR) supports European B2B companies in global expansion and, in the same line; it will provide complete support to arago in becoming a global champion.

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