Magnetek Inc (NASDAQ:MAG) Receives Order Valued Over $1Million

Magnetek Inc (NASDAQ:MAG) has received an order to modernize the controls power plant cranes made on Hoover Dam. The order is valued over $1 million and will control four 300-ton cranes. Precision Crane & Hoist Services will be the partner of Magnetek in the project.

The details

The first installation of Magnetek Inc (NASDAQ:MAG) control is scheduled for December, 2014. They will be installed on all the four cranes over a seven month time duration. It plans to retrofit the AC static crane controls with Magnetek’s control technology. The radio remote controls and adjustable frequency drive panels will be used in the process. There will be a planned control systems engineering plan along with integration process to fulfill the defined standards of the Bureau of Reclamation. It is the official operator of the Hoover Dam.

The management view

Dan Beilfuss, Director of Sales of Magnetek Inc (NASDAQ:MAG), said that it is delighted to partner with Precision Crane on the new project. The two companies together will help the Bureau of Reclamation in cranes modernization work used in power plant project. For the purpose, Magnetek has planned an innovative crane control system. It will use the advanced technological radio controls and drives. Thus, the crane operators at Power plant can experience improved performance in terms of safety, reliability and productivity.

The Hoover Dam

There are two power plant wings in the Hoover Dam. The one wing is located in Arizona and the second wing is located in Nevada. The power wing is 650 feet long. As a result, it exceeds the foundation level of the power plant by 300 feet. There are two 300-ton cranes inside each wing. The purpose of cranes is to move and maintain the vertical hydraulic turbines in the wings. It is a significant project for Magnetek Inc (NASDAQ:MAG) as the Hoover Dam is one of the largest hydroelectric power plants.

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