Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Looks Forward To Creating Free Online Programming Courses for EdX

The world is going after initiatives that help humanity to grow further, and corporate houses don’t seem to miss this opportunity. The newest addition to the list of corporate houses that tend to offer free services for social betterment is Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT). According to reports, Microsoft has decided to enter the world of free education. The company has partnered with EdX, based in Cambridge, MA.

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Insights On The Matter:

The primary objective of this free course will be to enhance the skills of software developers. EdX made an announcement stating that all the courses would be the newest and the first-time addition to its curriculum. As per the reports, EdX is one of the most renowned and sought after non-profit organization, which is funded by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It offers more than 300 courses to students to enhance their professional skills. These courses are created by various world-class universities, businesses, nonprofits and other renowned institutions.

The press release made public by the company states that Microsoft is the first corporate partner of EdX. All the courses offered by EdX focus on coding exercises and assessments to make sure that the tech skills of students can be developed. The first set of courses will commence by the end of this month. As per the report, students can enroll in these courses and grab the knowledge free of cost. But there is one condition levied by the company. Those who enroll for free won’t receive any certificate. Students will have to pay a pre-specified fees amount in order to receive a certificate, which will be proof that they have cleared the exam.

The initial few courses will focus more on the programming languages used by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), such as TypeScript, Office 365 and Transact-SQL. Courses will focus on other languages like C and C++ as well.

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