Real Estate Contacts Inc (OTCBB:REAC): CEO Continues To Accumulate Shares

Real Estate Contacts Inc (OTCBB:REAC) is in the business of offering online real estate solutions. The company’s focus is on connecting buyers and sellers through enriched real estate websites. Real Estate Contacts is almost managed single-handedly by Robert DeAngelis, who is the company’s president, CEO and CFO.

Why are analyst so optimistic about REAC?

Insider buying                                                                      

On November 20, the company disclosed in a SEC filing that the CEO acquired some more shares in the company. DeAngelis acquired 250 million shares that were acquired at an average price of $0.0002 apiece. Following the transaction, the CEO held more than 500 million shares in the company.

Although shares of Real Estate Contacts Inc (OTCBB:REAC) have declined almost 100% so far this year, it seems DeAngelis believes that his company has its best moments ahead. It is worth noting that DeAngelis has been acquiring shares in the company almost relentlessly this year.

Understanding what Real Estate Contacts Inc (OTCBB:REAC) is up to is certainly important in knowing whether the optimism expressed by DeAngelis has any direction or not.

There are many real estate companies out there but Real Estate Contacts seeks to do its business in a different fashion. The company uses video to promote real estate listings. It connects buyers with sellers in a more engaging manner.

Enriched real estate services

Real Estate Contacts Inc (OTCBB:REAC) has a number of real estate portal through its it serves its video enriched real estate listing. Its services target professionals and consumers in the real estate space. Consumers are able to view listing of homes in their local markets. Similarly, agents and brokers are able to engage potential buyers through video on a nationwide market.

Real Estate Contacts Inc (OTCBB:REAC) conducts its business exclusively on the Internet. Its business consists of search engine, video network and social community. The company offers marking and advertising platforms for the real estate market.

The different real estate services offered by Real Estate Contacts Inc (OTCBB:REAC) are available across multiple platforms – PC, tablet and smartphone. However, the company is actively building its mobile platform given that most people today check home listing on smartphones and tablets.

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