, inc. (NYSE:CRM) Purchases A Smart Calendar Called Tempo, inc. (NYSE:CRM) has acquired a smart calendar known as Tempo.

As companies like Google make changes to their calendar applications, tech firms have increasingly placed more focus on calendar applications. This observation has led to significant improvements for such a simple application.

Tempo is an elaborate application that brings on board simple but relevant utilities such as parking options, transportation, and location. The application also features social media notifications and other important elements.

During one of their reveals, Tempo’s CEO, Raj Singh had a few introductory remarks to make about the service. According to Singh, the calendar application will incorporate artificial intelligence to take smartphone utilities to the next his description of the app, he revealed that it will host many tasks that will now be automated. This automation will allow the calendar to perform tasks that the previous one could not do automatically.

The first thing to note about the application is how the interface works. It imports more content and behaves like a normal attendant thus saving users a lot of time. The calendar is supposed to bring together a few utilities and simplify them enough for users.

Tempo is one of the latest examples of existing ideas that have been reintroduced as innovative ideas. According to Singh, the buyout will open more doors for the company and allow them to work on promoting further growth for the application. This will allow them to widen the scope and the chances of success for Tempo.

Tempo announced that it would refund those who had purchased the application. The company claimed that the refunds can be accessed on Apple’s app store. Since the firm has been acquired, there will probably be a few changes on the calendar app., inc. (NYSE:CRM) will have exclusive rights to control the development. Tempo will also benefit from a financial boost.

All in all, the application stands to make significant influence to smartphone calendar applications. No official word has been released on the contractual amount for the acquisition.

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