Twenty-First Century Fox Inc (NASDAQ:FOXA) Cancels American Idol

The prime time reality show American Idol, which is premiered on Twenty-First Century Fox Inc (NASDAQ:FOXA) will go off air after broadcasting 15th season in January 2016. Increased production cost seems to be the primary reason; Twenty-First Century Fox had to take this difficult decision.

What Led Rupert Murdoch To End 15 Year Long Journey:

Season after season, the increased cost of production, higher pay cheques of celebrity judges have started hurting the budget. On top of these factors that lead to overall cost increment, the ratings of the show have been regularly declining. Due to this, Rupert Murdoch led Twenty-First Century Fox has to make this announcement that easier announced than done.

The co-hosts of this show i.e. Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest charge $15 million per season. It seems to be a burden on show’s producers at a time when rival shows like “The Voice” and “America’s Got Talent” are making the road difficult. As per the reports, the previous season of American Idol was ranked 4th in terms of number of views and popularity among 18-49 age group people. It was ranked as the worst season of this popular series.

What Lies Ahead:

Cancellation of this popular show will open doors for new TV shows that are lined up for a long time. As per the reports, total nine shows including ‘Empire’ are lined up for the 2015-16 seasons. The channel anticipates that dropping American Idol is the only choice it is left with. It has to improve the viewership in the coming months, which is why it has to take difficult decisions at this time.

During its peak time, American Idol was one of the most popular shows on TV with per episode hitting over 30 million viewers. The competition has increased significantly nowadays; hence, the channel is bound to take such harsh decisions to survive.

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