Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Experiments On Incorporating ‘Suggested Tweets’ On User Streams

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has deployed its expert researchers on a number of projects that would increase TWTR’s appeal to consumers in due course. Lately, TWTR has announced that it is conducting series of trials on accounts of users, especially on the profile pages in a novel experiment.

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About Tweets Suggested By Twitter

This new test is all about tweets that are promoted in the digital domain. TWTR can shortlist the users, perhaps based on certain aspects of filtering and then add certain streams of tweets on their profile pages. These tweets are somewhat different from the normal tweets and retweets from other followers; they are duly separated from the traditional tweets by certain breaks and each of these messages or tweets come with labels like ‘Suggested by Twitter’.

Users Can Soon Get Suggested Tweets

This is TWTR’s new project and is currently in the testing phase. May be when it gets green-flagged and thereby gets launched, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) will focus on geographic screening or other filtering methodologies that may be country-wise, demography based or other key aspects, in order to choose the users who would receive the suggested or promoted tweets.

Presently, users who are logged on to TWTR can have access to its new ad-focussed campaigns. This is probably because of the reason that the users would be assessed and based on their interests, ads should be focussed and targeted. Displaying such segmented, targeted ads may make sense in near future.

TWTR Partners With Google To Capitalize On Ad Campaigns

TWTR revealed that it has as many as 500 million individuals every month who hardly log on to their respect accounts or they do not have accounts. TWTR has partnered with Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) lately and this allows the company to display myriad tweets in the several search results, and thus look forward to gather search data in order to target myriad of adverts focussed towards logged out users. These new range of tests are focussed on targeting at both web and mobile based select users.

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