Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Hashtag Inventor Chris Messina Unveils The “Theory Of Non-Monogamy”

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) deals in tweets and a plethora of hashtags (#) to share emotions, news and other contents. Chris Messina, the proud inventor of hashtag that changed the social media space for the better, has lately come up with a new theory, which hints that in this 21st century, people tend to sway from choices of traditional model of marriage or monogamy!

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Non-Monogamy Is The Latest Buzzword

Messina opines that ‘non-monogamy’ is the buzzword today and regular relationships shall make way to stronger, independent and rational responsibilities! Incidentally, this change in ideology shall be propelled by the revolutionizing smartphone parlance, which ultimately would result in a paradigm shift!

Commitment And Independence

Messina is of the opinion that ‘commitment’ in relationship shall have a matured meaning, as quite obviously, people in the Western world have loads of wealth to invest on themselves and their aspirations, and consequently on multiple partners that staying in harmony with solely one!

Chris Messina’s theory is a practical one and harps on the fact that people have become demanding, inquisitive and impatient. With hook up apps like Secret and Snapchat gaining prominence worldwide, people have started averting to depend on their partners solely to meet the basic requirements or take good care of their offspring.

Messina took his own example and revealed that both he and his partner are free in choosing partners to hook up, express romantic gestures and physical feelings with! However, he summed up that both are honest and transparent in their intensions and understanding each other’s wants and desires. Messina considers relationships as these, as far more ‘committed’ as there is a deep understanding in it.

A Paradigm Shift Likely

Chris Messina eyes this paradigm shift as an ideal change towards revolutions in the Big Dating space, the latter turning into a top notch invention. Discreet, anonymous and secretive communications are the order of the day today; soon, this shall revolutionize into something big and commonplace, suggests Messina – the proposer of the “Theory of Non-Monogamy”!

Such an analysis and estimate from the hashtag-inventor Messina is ought to be a harbinger of lucrative profits and great revenues for the social media industry. This would lure investors who are looking for reaping sumptuous profitability and rewards over longer periods of time.

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