United Airlines Grounds Flights Due To Computer System Problems

Airline travelers woke up to a rather disappointing Wednesday morning after finding that United Continental Holdings Inc (NYSE:UAL) had grounded their flights. The company had been experiencing problems with its computer system.

The computer glitch seems to have been a major problem because the airline shut down all its flights throughout the country. Interestingly, it was thought that the problem was connected to the computer problem that had affected the New York Stock Exchange. Fortunately, Jeh Johnson, Chief of Homeland Security assured the public that the airline glitch was not in any way connected to the stock exchange problem.

A spokesperson from the FAA later confirmed that the problem was fixed and that the flights had resumed. United Airlines spokeswoman, Jennifer Dohm reported that the computer glitch was a result of a router issue that ended up disrupting the network connectivity for various applications. She also reported that router problem has been fixed, and normal operations have resumed. There were worries that the glitch might have been the result of a hack attack though it was confirmed that it was not the case.

One of the passenger seat Boston’s Logan airport also reported that the operations have resumed, but the check-ins are being done manually. Since they resumed, no flights have been canceled. The company is currently doing everything it can to offset the disappointing situation. Airports were swarmed by thousands of disappointed customers on Wednesday morning following the incident. Most of them expressed their disappointment with the airline citing unacceptable inconveniences.

The situation at the airline will probably take a while before the company can operate at normal pace. This is because the incidence derailed the normal schedule. One of the officials reported that it was increasingly hard to accommodate travelers and landing because no gates were opened. The company announced that passengers willing to make alterations to their travel plans would not be charged the regular fees. Many disappointed customers took to social networks to express their disappointment.

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