Zagster Program Triple Play For General Motors Company (NYSE:GM)

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) and Zagster updated on the Zagster bike sharing program going on at Warren Technical Center. The program has been expanded as the two companies add total of twenty new bikes and 7 new stations. After the latest addition, the total number of bikes increased to 70 at fourteen stations. The expansion of program is the outcome of high employee satisfaction and use. It has translated into reduced environmental impact and increased productivity.

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The program

Zagster bike sharing program is the first of its kind program from a U.S. automaker. It was launched in August 2014 to provide General Motors 19,000 employees new sources for moving across its 61 buildings spread on the 330-acre campus. As per the survey, Zagster bike saves each rider time by almost 10 to 30 minutes in a day. It eliminates the time required to wait for a shuttle bus or a walk across campus. The numerous advantages like overall satisfaction and increased employee productivity have prompted General Motors to expand the biking program to other campuses.

Triple Play

David Tulauskas, the Director of Sustainability with General Motors, said that the Zagster biking program is a triple play for the company. It enhances productivity, keeps employees happy, and helps the company continue making progress on its sustainability objectives. Additionally, it is offering key data that the team can use as the company re-imagine mobility in densely populated areas and on campus settings.

The takeaway

Zagster leveraged the data and performed “heat map” analyses to know where most rides began and ended. It determined popular destinations along the way to figure out new locations where the company can implement the program. Timothy Ericson, the CEO of Zagster, said that General Motors is translating the business form for workplace bike sharing. It proves that the efficient and smart mobility is significant for the bottom line.

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