Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) and Its Series of Problems

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has been enjoying significant coverage, due to the growing popularity of its F-150 truck. However, the company is, at the same time, dealing with a large recall. The company is recalling its 2012-2013 models of its Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ vehicles. These are also accompanied by 2012-2013 models of the Ford Fiesta.

The recall is, however, for a very small glitch in the door latch. One of the components in the latch can break, making it difficult to open. It also increases the risk of the door being unexpectedly opened, while driving. The recall is due to be initiated on June 1, whereby Ford will replace the component with a better more secure version, free of charge.

However, that is not the only problem Ford has been facing. The company is also reported to have replaced two managers at its Chicago assembly line, on charges of sexual harassment. The findings were made during the visit of a federal official, who stated that sexual harassment and discrimination was rampant on the plant.

The new appointments have raised the tally of recent managerial changes at the facility to eight. The UAW VP, Jimmy Settles, stated that UAW and Ford are actively working towards eliminating the stated problems. He pointed out that Ford does not stand for such conduct and there are policies in place to prevent it. He also stated that the current allegations are under investigation by the company.

Ford faced a lawsuit on the stated charges by four women in November. Since then the number of women in the suit has risen to 33. The lawsuit states that fellow employees and managers attempted to regularly grop or have sex with them. Additionally, these people also tried expose themselves to the female gender. The suit also states that any attempts to bring this to the notice of the administration resulted in demotions of the female employees.

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