Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Recalls Over 200,000 Vehicles Owing To Loose Front Power Seats

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) issued recently a safety recall for roughly 202,274 F-150 and Ford Explorer vehicle models that were built at various plants in 2016 because of loose front power seats. According to Ford, the vehicles are experiencing challenges with their front seat adjuster that can easily loosen or fall out. The affected vehicles include 177,264 that were sold in the US, 22,620 in Canada, and 2,390 in Mexico.

Furthermore, the front seat cushion has a missing upper left-hand pivot bolt that may increase the chances of a crash. As a result, the users are not safely restrained and could be at risk of injury in case of an accident. The owners of the affected are requested to take their cars to any Ford dealer, where they will test the seats and perform necessary repairs at no expense to the customer.

The company stated that they have not received reports of any incidence of accidents or injuries due to faulty power seats. The affected owners will be notified as from January 8, 2018. At the beginning of this year, the company named the F-series as the best-selling vehicle of its kind across the US that has been on the market for more than 35 years.

The most recent recall for safety comes after the company issued another recall for more than 1.3 million trucks in the US to fix the door latches that were at risk a higher risk of freezing during the winter season. The affected models included the 2016 F-150s and 2017 Super Duty truck models.

To resolve the current problem, Ford plans to measure out the torque of the power seat upper pivot bolt. The faulty bolts that pass through the inspection will then be removed and cleaned, and the dealer will then fix a new threadlock and reinstall the bolt.

Cook Laurie

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