Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Reports Increased Sales and New Developments with its F-150

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has made great progress with respect to if F-150 truck. The newly designed aluminum truck was awarded a 5-star rating for safety. The company has also started making significant profit from sales of the F-150. Ford reported its 1Q2015 earnings, with the expectations that the new truck would be available at all dealerships by June. The company also aims to recover from declining sales in the past year, through sales of the F-150 this year.

The F-150 was passed through intensive crash tests and has been reported to have beaten all other pick-ups in terms of strength. The added aluminum seems to have done the trick for Ford, since its last steel body model was only able to achieve 4-stars. Additionally, the truck has been gaining awards since its inception in December 2014. The vehicle was also labeled truck of the year in January. Even dealerships have reported an average of 18 days before the truck is sold.

The FY2014 had been Ford Motor Co. in terms of sales, as it dropped from the second largest auto-dealer in the US. However, analysts expect that the rising sales of the F-150 would be sufficient to help the company report a better year-over-year first quarter. A recent poll suggested that analysts believe Ford will report 16% higher net-income as compared to the previous year. Unfortunately, foreign exchange rates would also take their toll on the 1Q2015, but the effect would be a minimum since Ford does not rely heavily on off-shore sales.

Seeing the success that the recent updates to the F-150 have already brought the company, Ford has announced further additions to the 2016 model. The company announced that the F-150, 2016 would have CNG and Propane fuelling options for consumers to choose from. Ford believes that consumers are moving towards these alternate fuels, amid environmental concerns.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) closed at $15.53 after losing 1.58% on May 5. The company has 3.90 billion shares being traded in the market, with a 52-week range of $13.26-$18.12.

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