Ford’s Mustang Takes The Crown As The Best American Muscle Car

The Ford Mustang has beaten the odds and its competitors to emerge as the top ranking vehicle in the Muscle car department.

Since January 2015 up to now, the prestigious Muscle car from Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has been a favorite in the American market. Its sales records register 56,571 Mustangs sold within this period. The number of sales registered a 55% increase in comparison to the number of sales in the previous year.

The mustang’s closest rival, from General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) did not have similar fortunes. The Camaro SS dropped in sales by 13% and registered dismal 33,982 vehicles sold within the same period.

The gap was rather unusual especially taking into account that both vehicles have been a favorite among the American muscle car enthusiasts. In the past five years, the Camaro had been taking the crown, perhaps because it was endorsed by the Transformers movie franchise.

Regardless, both cars have a staunch following though there are a few other variables that have to be considered for preference. Ford’s strategy for the Mustang’s production and development has always been simple and direct. An attractive but cultural design, a lot of power and conspicuous paint jobs, all for less money than would usually be expected.

Buying a 300 horsepower for less than $24,000 is something that most people would want to tick off their bucket list. Frankly, most people have because it is possible.

Just like its competitors, the automobile company provides a few engine options ranging from the premium sports versions to the EcoBoost model. The engine options feature one option with a V8 big block engine while the other options host a four-cylinder engine boosted with a turbo charger.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) definitely paid extra attention to the 2015 model seeing as it is the Mustang’s 50th-anniversary model. A few tweaks have been made to the external outlook of the car to make it appear more stylish and appealing. The interior has also been revamped to get rid of the plain atmosphere in the previous models.

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