General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) And Canonical Come Up With Smart Fridge Concept

The recent IoT World 2015 event had featured a lot of companies from different sectors, but the one name that grabbed more attention than anyone else was Canonical. It announced that it was looking forward to executing new partnerships including one with General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) that could help it take Snappy Ubuntu Core to new heights.

Snappy Ubuntu Core is nothing but its mean and lean Linux Operating System. Among many other announcements, it also made public plan about GE ChillHub smart fridge. As per the reports, this new fridge runs on Snappy Ubuntu Core OS of the company.

Road So Far:

Recently, General Electric and Local Motors formed a community that included makers, industrial designers, engineers, scientists and early adopters. The primary objective of this community named FirstBuild was to use the latest technology and build the next generation consumer appliances. ChillHub is the first offering of FirstBuild, which will be sold in the market by General Electric.

What’s Special About ChillHub:

ChillHub is different from ordinary products as it comes with USB support and WiFi connection. The new platform can be used to create different add-on products such as food scale/weight sensor, butter softener compartment, auto-fill water pitcher, deodorizer, etc. Other products that are made available include temperature modules, auto-fill water pitcher, external speakers, baby bottle IR and voice control.

Apart from the above-stated features, ChillHub comes with an iPhone app that can be used by the user to monitor and control all the settings. The company has decided to keep its starting price at $1,000. Those people who are interested in buying this fridge can place their order online through FirstBuild.

Canonical has decided to contact other companies such as Acer, Microsoft, and DataArt to expand its reach and enhance the sales of ChillHub. The senior management of the company is delighted to announce this news and hope that consumers will like this smart-fridge concept.

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