General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) Develops Multi-Sensing Device To Prevent Pressure Ulcers

GE Global Research, General Electric Company (NYSE:GE)’s tech-development division, created a multi-sensing handheld probe that will be used for assessing and preventing bed sores and pressure ulcers in hospital stays. For this purpose, a range of analytical and sensing abilities are combined in an interesting array.

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The All-in-One Medical Sensing Device

Various methodologies, such as vapor detection, 3D object reconstruction, image classification and segmentation, thermal profiling and motion analysis, have all been compressed into just one sensing device.

The new device is developed by GE in conjunction with the U.S. DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs). The Department’s Center for Innovation, along with GE’s Global Research aimed at eliminating the root of pressure ulcers through this advanced medical device.

This medical sensor can be used for monitoring and assessing the bed sores and pressure ulcers that patients often develop from their long stays in hospitals. Most of the times, patients with lack of mobility and the ones suffering from injuries related to spinal cord are at higher risks of developing these conditions.

Detection at the Earliest

Pressure ulcers, despite being highly pervasive, are preventable. The Primary Investigator on a Program entitled pressure ulcer prevention and care program, Ting Yu, explains that the new device is a combination of various sensing as well as data analysis abilities. This sensing device will therefore enable detection of the ulcer formation in the early stages only. Also, the objective of the device is to offer comprehensive assessment and a more objective analysis of patients’ wounds, so that the progression becomes understandable.

At present, the device is in the testing stage for clinical setting. Through the tests, it will be found whether or not; it can offer the kind of facts and data that will enable hospitals in reducing and eliminating the conditions of bed sores and pressure ulcers.

Scott Sally

Scott Sally

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