General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) Issues Recall to 780,000 SUVs to Fix Malfunctioning Liftgate

General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) has issued a recall note for around 780,000 crossover sports utility vehicles for the models including the Chevrolet Traverse (2009 to 2012), Saturn Outlook (2007 to 2010), GMC Acadia (2007 to 2012) and the Buick Enclave (2008 to 2012) to fix the faulty gate. So far the injury cases on account of the faulty rear power lift gates are estimated at 56. However, it has not caused any fatalities or crashes.

The company has recalled 36,000 vehicles from Canada, 690,000 from the U.S. and the balance from Mexico. According to a note from the company, dirt can find the way to the gas struts, which holds the gate, and cause wear and tear over a period. The models manufactured after the year 2012, are provided with better struts placement. Hence, they are less likely to accumulate the dust.

As per the recent note from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the gas struts hold the lift gate, which wears down gradually due to the accumulation of dust and fall down causing the injuries.

The dealers will be instructed to update the software for life gate motor and replace the faulty struts to ensure slower closing of the gate. However, the recall schedule is yet to be finalized.

The problem was noticed when a driver has reported the malfunctioning of the power lift gate in September 2010. Though, General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) has investigated the problem, it continued monitoring the issue because the injury rate was very low at that time. However, the problem aggravated in November and prompting GM to recall the vehicles to fix the problem.

The latest recall came after GM called back the Hummer SUVs totaled at 200,000 from across the world to fix the electrical problem that caused over a dozen fires.

The company is also working to fix the faulty ignition switch problem in over 30 million vehicles recalled in the last two years. The accidental deaths due to the faulty ignition switches are estimated at 121.

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